Electoral Reform Coming But Wait Nobody Told Elections Canada

Yes that title is correct. The ruling Conservative party will present a bill to reform Canadian election laws this Thursday and while that seems like a good thing, someone forgot to run any of the proposed changes by Elections Canada.

The Minister of State for Democratic Reform Tim Uppal announced, “Our government is pleased to announce that it will introduce comprehensive legislation on Thursday to improve the integrity, accountability and administration of Canada’s election laws. The new legislation will respond to the motion passed by the House of Commons last year and a recommendation made by the chief electoral officer, the procedure and House affairs committee and others.” This announcement comes only seven months late on the March 2012 non-binding NDP motion calling for changes to election laws, which was unanimously agreed upon.

While this is not a new thing (first consulting with Elections Canada), one would think, no one would hope, that in light of the robocall affair currently before the courts that more would be done. But if the ruling party doesn’t consult Elections Canada or any other interested group just how far are they prepared to go? And that’s a very valid question considering the same Conservatives cut the budget of Elections Canada while the biggest electoral fraud investigation in Canadian history was taking place. Yes, as absurd as that sounds – that’s what they brazenly did.

The Conservatives loves to remind Canadians of Adscam, but what they always leave out is the reaction of the Liberal Party under PM Paul Martin. Martin knew full-well that the Gomery Commission would spell electoral disaster for his party but as history shows – his government did the right thing anyways. So why won’t the Conservative party under PM Harper do the same? It’s not like we are talking about Canada-wide electoral fraud or anything. And if you follow the advice of MP Vic Toews, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.

Do what’s right and needed. Don’t just fiddle with the election laws, give them teeth and back them up with a fully-funded and supported Elections Canada.

Contributed to the Federal Politics Journal by Roy Whyte.