Corporate Tax Cuts and 2011 Election

Will the corporate tax cuts that were to be part of the budget now be part of the electoral campaign in 2011? What will each political party do around corporate tax cuts this election cycle? Well only time is going to tell for sure, but the issue certainly does leave avenues open for both attracting voters or for attacks on opposition candidates.

The Conservatives have said all along that the corporate tax cuts are needed and will help the economy and in turn create jobs for Canadians during these tough recessionary times. They haven’t wavered from that stance and it would be hard to see them doing so now.

The Liberals who instituted the corporate tax cutting regime during their last tenure now claim to be against such measures and instead want to see more emphasis placed on individuals and debt elimination. Some would say it’s hard to be against what you were once all for. They will need to convince voters that they are serious and will stand by what they say now. Are Canadians ready to trust the Liberals again?

The NDP it appeared for a while may actually support the Conservatives with the corporate tax cuts in return for getting much more of what they wanted. That became moot with the non-confidence motion of course so it appears for now they are solidly against further corporate tax cuts.

The Green Party who came out swinging against attack ads have been against the corporate tax rate cut all along. They are in favour of their platform’s tax outline – unfortunately most Canadians have no idea what it says. The Greens will need to get out to Canadians that they are more than an environmental party and indeed have a deep platform with original ideas.

The Bloc Quebecois were looking to secure some $2.2 billion to offset the cost of implementing the HST in Quebec in return for possible support of the corporate tax cuts. This rankled feathers in the usual corners of Canada as Quebec politics often do. With the election being called it’s doubtful they will support further corporate tax cuts.

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