About FPJ

The Federal Politics Journal started out as a website devoted to bringing the latest news, commentary, events, editorials, press releases and comments from each and every federally registered political party in Canada. This was more of a manual process than an automated one and it became far too much for one person to handle alone. Since then, the website has been updated to a more robust CMS with the aim of being maintained by a community of users.

Each political party has their own topic section and every political party is encouraged to send submissions for inclusion into the journal. Canadians of all political stripes are invited to sign up for an account and partake in, and help create the discussions.

By including voices from all ranges and aspects of the political spectrum, the Federal Politics Journal will be more than just another partisan sounding board and echo-chamber for like-minded ideas. Only through dialogue and an attempt at really understanding the positions of others, will Canada truly become the best democratic nation it can be.

If you want to contact the Federal Politics Journal please use the contact form.